Gift ideas

Will it be a fine bottle or a custom packet? Together we will find the best solution for your Christmas wishes.

Not everybody has the same tastes, that’s why we are more than happy to suggest the right present for your beloved ones, friends, commercial partners, employees or clients, you can choose from the vastest selection in South Tyrol of wines, distillates, gin and gourmet delicacies.

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Some inspiration: 

We prepare wine packets from one to six bottles, for your taste, budget, or some themes, for example “All Tuscany“. Our sommeliers can help with a lots of ideas, one of those could be the packet “Toni“, composed by three south Tyrolean wines.

Toni“: 42,10 Euro

Or “Pietro“, composed by three wines from the southern regions of Italy. In addition to the wines from South Tyrol and Italy, we have also top-quality wines from all over the world and, as always, we will be more than glad to suggest the right one for you.

"Pietro": 32,40 Euro

For the Rum lovers we have the “RON“ packet, a combination of rum, chocolate and Cantucci cookies. Also in this case we can change the various elements according to the budget.

RON“: 64,20 Euro

He/she loves the sweets? So „ROSY“ is the way to go: a combination between sweet wine, small sweet truffles and Italian chocolate cookies.

"Rosy": 38,70 Euro

A small gin tasting box, three different gins and two tonics ready to be mixed together. Ideal for the gin lovers amongst you.

Small gin tasting box: 29,60 Euro

Whisky is better? No problem, we have more than 120 different whiskeys in our selection and we are sure that you will find something suitable. A top-quality single bottle is a noble gift as a combination of a bottle of whisky, glasses and a book.

Whiskey-Set: 65,55 Euro

Thanks to our vast selection, more than 3.700 wines, 180 gins and a lot of other distillates and gourmet delicacies, we can arrange also custom specialty packet for every budget.

Big specialty packet: 128,40 Euro

Small specialty packet: approx. 48 Euro

Our products can be arranged as you please, for example they can be put together to form a real “Aperitivo Italiano“ packet…

Aperitivo Italiano: 34,25 Euro

… or to form a cocktail set for the “Grasshopper“ with a top quality shaker.

Cocktail Set for the Grasshopper: 72,60 Euro

We will be more than happy to help you out with the perfect solution for your present.

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