The foundation of GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin is based in the truest sense of the word on a crazy idea. Two good friends who met by chance years ago share a common passion: gin! The passion turned into the dream of creating their own perfect gin for the two guys from Stuttgart. After more than two years of finding recipes and ideas, the result came onto the market in December 2016: GINSTR! The ingredients come from Stuttgart and the region. Citrus fruits, juniper berries, rosemary - from our own cultivation, from local nurseries or from greenhouses in the region. All botanicals that cannot be grown in Stuttgart come from regional dealers, mostly from the Stuttgart market hall. GINSTR is 100% handmade - in his own distillery on Markus Escher's parents' winery, one of the two makers of GINSTR. The kettle was named after Markus ‘grandfather“ Otto ”, who bequeathed the distillery to the two young master distillers.