Families are the sum of their individuals and their personal experiences. Manfred Tement was young when he took over the small wine-growing business after his father's death much too early. Three hectares to the right and left of the house and a lot earlier than planned. The father's good reputation was the only start-up capital. A lot has been created over the years. Some things have come, others have gone, but one thing has always remained: the love for wine, this very special region and the commitment to unconditional quality. Principles that Armin and his brother Stefan have in their DNA in the truest sense of the word. It provides the framework within which the brothers move and have learned to develop. Only in this way is it possible to find the path in which persistence has its place as well as change. Because people who do nothing other than just continue what their ancestors started, remain under their spell without the possibility of seeing their own.