The Illusionist

Unravel the secret of the Illusionist: A deep blue gin, that augments you from your daily sloth, and upon mixing with tonic, delivers the gentle yet enticing pink elixir. Born in the locale Glockenbach of Munich, ready for new adventures. In 2015, Tim Steglich alongside with Max Muggenthaler conceptualised a new gin: a deep blue gin characterised by a distinct fruity and floral body, topped off with a distinguished twist. When combined with tonic, the otherwise royal blue colour undergoes a natural reaction, to become a gentle pink concoction. And with that, The Illusionist Dry Gin was born. Being new in the scene, the gin presented itself only to a select number of bars, and quickly became the little secret in the gastronomy of Munich. Now, it caters to a larger scale of daily memorable experiences throughout Germany and neighbouring markets.