4G Wines

In February 2009 Giorgio Dalla Cia as the spiritus recto of the wine project forms, with the oenologist mia Fischer and the French mastermind Denis Dubourdieu, a world-class team of experts was formed around Philipp G. Axt. The 4G winery does not have its own vineyards, but accesses grapes from individual plots of the vineyards in the vicinity of the Stellenbosch winery, South Africa. Each of the approx. 80 steps necessary for winemaking is carried out perfectly and according to the strictest hygiene regulations. Axt personally selects the barrels for an early and gentle integration of wood aromas in cognac and Bordeaux, the bottles are a special format and are made in France, the capsules are sourced from 4G in Austria and the Iroko precious wood for the wine boxes from Ghana. The best corks in the world (from Portugal) are subjected to a multi-stage selection process, which means that the rate of cork defects is kept almost zero. Each label of the 4G luxury wines is a small work of art, designed by the Berlin artist, Sebastian Blinde.